User agent

The user agent is a software application that is used to request and receive web pages from servers on the World Wide Web. It is typically used by browsers to display web pages, but can also be used by bots and other software applications.

When a user agent requests a web page from a server, it sends a request header that includes information about the user agent, such as its name and version number. This information can be used by the server to customize the response, or to return an error if the user agent is not supported.

User agents are often categorized by their capabilities, such as web browsers, email clients, and media players. They may also be categorized by their operating system, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

What is the definition of user agent outside of Text Analytics ?

A user agent is any software that acts on behalf of a user, such as a web browser, an email client, or a media player.

How is user agent different from other similar terms ?

User agent is sometimes used interchangeably with client, but there are some subtle differences between the two terms. A client is any software that requests and receives data from a server, while a user agent is any software that act on behalf of a user.

In general, a user agent is more likely to be interactive, while a client is more likely to be automated. For example, a web browser is typically considered to be a user agent, while a web crawler is typically considered to be a client.

What are the benefits of using user agent data ?

User agent data can be used to customize the content and format of a web page, or to return an error if the user agent is not supported.

It can also be used to track statistics about the types of user agents that visit a website, which can be helpful for troubleshooting and compatibility purposes.

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