Customers and Employees with AI.

Are you aware of the value of truly understanding your customers and employees? Do you have the capacity to listen to thousands of voices and make sense of it all? Let us show you how!
Our data enrichment pipelines provide greater accuracy and detail than any human-level annotation. Our topical taxonomies are comprehensive and up-to-date, offering you a clear understanding of your customers and employees. With our help, you can be sure to get the most out of your data and make informed decisions.

True Potential

Unlock the true potential of understanding your customers and employees with our unmatched services. Put our promises to the test and compare our results with any of our competitors on the most important metrics:
Experience the difference for yourself and see how our results speak for themselves!

Sentiment Analysis

We can also assign high-accuracy sentiment labels (positive, neutral, negative) for every phrase identified in every topic in your corpus.

Emotion Analysis

There is no better predictor for human behavior than emotions. Discover the true feelings of your customers with our advanced emotion analysis tool.


Privacy is paramount, and the most sure way to protect your customer and employee data in accord with legal requirements is to redact any sensitive information entirely.

Expert consultants

Our expert consultants can help you identify and implement the most creative and innovative approaches to maximize the potential of your data.

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