Token Types

In text analytics, the term token types are used to refer to the different categories of tokens that are identified in a text. These categories can include things like letters, punctuation, or email addresses. Token types can be used to help understand the structure of a text, and they can also be used to compare different texts.

Outside of the text analytics industry, the term token types can refer to different things. For example, in programming, a token type might be used to refer to a particular data type. In linguistics, a token type might be used to refer to a different category of words.

When comparing token types across different disciplines, it is important to keep in mind that the term can have different meanings. In general, though, token types refer to a way of categorizing tokens that can be used for various purposes.

Examples of Token Types

The following are examples of token types

  • Punctuation: , . ; ! ?
  • Email addresses:
  • URLs:
  • Hashtags: #textanalysis

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