Optimization is the process of choosing the best settings or configuration of a text analytics system to maximize its performance on a specific task. This may involve finding the best values for parameters such as:

  • the number of topics to extract in topic modeling
  • the size of the n-grams to use in language modeling
  • the type of algorithm to use for text classification

Outside of the text analytics industry, optimization is used in a variety of fields, including engineering, operations research, and economics. In these fields, optimization may refer to finding the maximum or minimum value of a function or finding a solution that is “optimal” in some sense.

Similar Terms

Many other terms are similar to optimization, including:

  • tuning
  • parameter tuning
  • configuration
  • tweaking
  • adjusting

Each of these terms refers to the process of changing the settings of a system to improve its performance. However, optimization is the most general term, and it can be used in any context where improving performance is desired.

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