Key Ring

Key Ring refers to a software tool that allows users to manage and monitor their API keys. API keys are used to access APIs, which allow third-party developers to build applications that interact with data from another platform.

API keys are generated by the platform owner and given to the developer. The developer then adds the key to their application, which is used to authenticate the app with the platform.

Key ring provides a way for developers to keep track of their API keys and ensure that they are used properly. They also allow platform owners to monitor and revoke keys if necessary.

Key Ring Similar Terms

  • -API key management- this is a broader term that includes key rings, but also refers to the process of creating, distributing, and managing API keys.
  • -Key management system- this is a system that stores, secures, and manages keys. Key rings are one type of key management system.
  • -Credential management- this is the process of storing and managing credentials, which can include API keys. Key ring can be used for credential management, but they are not the only option.

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