– Beating AI21’s Turing Game

I love Turing games and generative models, so naturally I’m grateful AI21 released their game to the world!

If you want to win the game (almost) every time, just ask the other participant what the color of the background interface is, and what color(s) the boxes are. The AI system wasn’t trained on these details, but every human will instantly see that the answers are: background – black. Boxes – green and white.

You can still be fooled by a human who is trolling, trying to trick you into thinking it is an AI system. But in the spirit of John Connor, I’m out here to the beat machines. I suggest you do the same, and help your fellow humans win!

You can also try asking the other person to type out a full URL. If you try to type one out, it will show you “Linked Blocked” but the other participant will see the full URL minus the Top Level Domain (TLD). So for example, you type out:, you will see [Link Blocked] and they will see https://yahoo.

Another good question is, “How long does each one of these games last?”. The answer is clearly, obviously, 2 minutes. But again, the generative AI doesn’t have any awareness of it’s own context.

Update 1: One way to instantly help the other person out is by using a word you know the system would never use. I had one person use a “hard r” on me, for example. Not recommended, but effective.

Update 2: Another participant used Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references with some success. “What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?” Answer: 42. The generative transformer doesn’t do well with that.

We’ll update this article with additional strategies as they come in. Let us know about your favorite winning ideas in the comments below!

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