Facet is a term used to refer to a particular aspect or piece of information about a text document. For example, a document’s topic, author, date, or language can be considered a facet.

Classification of Facets

There are three main classifications of facets:

  1. Structural: This type of facet is defined by the structure of the document itself. For example, the title, author, and date of a document would be considered structural facets.
  2. Informational: This type of facet provides information about the content of the document. For example, the topic, main idea, or key concepts of a document would be considered informational facets.
  3. Temporal: This type of facet refers to the time frame in which the document was created or published. For example, the date or year a document was created would be considered a temporal facet.
  4. Purpose. Another way of classifying facets is by their purpose. Administrative facets are used to help manage and organize document collection. Analytical facets are used to help analyze and understand the documents. Navigation facets are used to help users find and access the documents they need.

Facet vs Hierarchical categorization

While facet and hierarchical categorization are similar, there are some key differences between the two. First, facets are typically flat, while hierarchical categorization is organized into a tree-like structure. Second, facets are usually defined by humans, while hierarchical categorization can be done automatically by algorithms. Finally, facets tend to be more specific than hierarchical categorization, which can make them more useful for certain tasks.

Facet vs Keyword

Keywords are words or phrases that describe the content of a document. Facets are different in that they are used to describe a particular aspect of a document. For example, the topic of a document would be considered a facet, while the keywords might be the specific terms used to describe the topic.

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