Comparative Analysis

Comparative analysis is defined as a method of analyzing data that involve comparisons between two or more entities. This type of analysis is often used to identify patterns or trends and can be applied to numerous types of data sets including financial data, market research data, and customer satisfaction data.

Comparative Analysis vs. Comparative Research

Comparative analysis is often used interchangeably with comparative research, but there are some key distinctions between these two methods. Comparative research is a broader term that can encompass any type of research that involves comparisons, while comparative analysis specifically refers to the statistical analysis of data sets.

These are some of the main benefits of Comparative Analysis:

  • The ability to identify patterns or trends that would not be evident in a single data set
  • The ability to make more informed decisions by considering multiple data sets
  • The ability to compare apples to oranges (or, more accurately, to compare data sets that may not be directly comparable)

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